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Projects 🌿

Ethereum is our playground, and we’re busy exploring every branch! From testing the limits of smart contracts to foraging through the thickets of protocol upgrades, we’re always up for a blockchain challenge.

Protocol Upgrades

We actively involved in the creation and maintenance of test networks for implementing protocol upgrades.

Template-devnets: Root repository for setting up devnets with terraform and ansible
Dencun-devnets: Dencun related devnets
Verkle-devnets: Verkle related devnets
Ethjs-devnets: EthereumJS devnets for snap sync testing
Assertoor-tests: Test runner for assertoor tests
Attacknet: Chaos engineering tool for Ethereum networks

Network Observability

Keeping a watchful eye on Ethereum’s network health is our forte. We collect, analyze, and interpret data to maintain the network’s performance and security.

Forky: Ethereum beaconchain forkchoice visualizer
Xatu: Ethereum distributed monitoring tool
Xatu-DBT: Data Build Tool (dbt) for the transformation layer of the Xatu data pipeline
Analytics-pipeline: Pipeline for ingesting data collected into a Clickhouse database
Tracoor: Webpage displaying invalid slots and blocks for debug purposes
Dora: A lightweight beaconchain explorer

Deployment packages

As DevOps engineers, we develop a range of ways to deploy Ethereum nodes across various types of infrastructure and for a diverse set of use-cases

Ansible-collection-general: Ansible collection with multiple reusable roles useful for handling Ethereum nodes
Ethereum-helm-charts: Helm charts to run multiple components of the Ethereum blockchain on Kubernetes
Kurtosis-ethereum-package: Kurtosis configs for running local Ethereum devnets on Docker or Kubernetes with a diverse set of tooling


We’re builders at our core. We develop a range of tools designed to enhance the functionality and user experience of the Ethereum network. From utilities that facilitate node operations to software aiding in the smooth transition of network upgrades.

Checkpointz: An Ethereum beacon chain checkpoint sync provider
Assertoor: Integration testing tool for Ethereum networks
Assertoor-github-action: Reusable github action to poll assertoor test status
Ethereum-metrics-exporter: A Prometheus exporter for Ethereum Execution & Consensus clients
Ethereum-address-tracker: A Prometheus exporter for Ethereum address and contract balance tracking
Ethereum-client-docker-image-builder: A docker image builder for Ethereum client images
Mempool-bridge: Bridge mempool transactions between execution layer nodes
Snapshotter: Performing ethereum node data snapshots
Ethereum-genesis-generator: Generates genesis states consumed by various tools
Beacon: A go package to interact with an Ethereum beacon node
Goomy-blob: Generate random blob transactions for ethereum testnets
Dugtrio: Load balancing proxy for the ethereum beacon chain