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You’ll find us in the heart of Ethereum’s blockchain jungle. We’re a team of dedicated pandas with a passion for decentralization and a knack for bamboo-chomping. Our mission? To contribute to the evolution of Ethereum, one byte at a time!


Kurtosis: A Deep Dive to Local Devnets
·2994 words·15 mins
Kurtosis Ethereum-Package Devnet Testnet Shadowfork
Assertoor: Ethereum Testnet Testing Tool
·2253 words·11 mins
Testnet Tool Sepolia Holesky Kurtosis
Tracoor: Ethereum beacon data and execution trace explorer
·521 words·3 mins
Tracoor Debug Tool Mainnet Sepolia Holesky
Open Sourcing Xatu Data
·853 words·5 mins
Xatu Data Mainnet Sepolia Holesky
Attacknet: Chaos engineering on Ethereum
·652 words·4 mins
Mainnet Deneb Dencun Cancun Chaos